Friday, November 7, 2008

Society of Illustrators: Annual 51

The Society's call for entries poster by John Cuneo

Today was the submission deadline for the Society of Illustrators fifty-first annual. I point this out because I entered five pieces for judging. This will mark my first venture into the competition sphere of illustration, and I'm more nervous than I think I've ever been. Actually, that's not true, nerves aren't really a key factor in what I'm feeling. It wasn't that hard, all I had to do was upload some pictures and send an electronic payment. I think it's going to be the waiting that does me in. I'm anxious. I want to think I stand a chance, but of course I don't want to get my hopes up. I'll find out on November 21 if anything made it in. Wouldn't that be a hoot? I think so.

In other news, thanks to some rabid bidding on eBay, I managed to get a hold on a couple of books from the Famous Artists Course. The school still operates, but the books I got were from its inception period, back when Rockwell, Parker, Stahl, Fawcett, Peak, Fuchs, and others were attached to the school. I've only just begun to flip through these books, but the wealth of knowledge they contain is overwhelming. I think I stand to learn a lot through these books. So I'm excited and all geared up. There may be hope for me yet.

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Christine said...

I'm jealous of your having acquired the Famous Artists Course books. It's Nov 23. Any news??