Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sauvie Island

There's an island nearby, that's apparently all the rage. It's called Sauvie Island. All I've heard about it since moving to Portland is that it is the place to go pick some amazing berries. Which, reading between the lines, tells me that it's a great place to hang out in nature. Which means a great place to do some painting. I was intrigued.

Last week I received an order of casein. I aim to expand my experiments in that medium, and as it turns out, my friends were planning a berry picking excursion. I hitched along to get my paint on! All of my casein setup fits nicely in a little shoulder bag I carry (which is a nice change from lugging a french easel and a backpack full of gear), so I figured it would make for a fine recon mission - so to speak.

It was a hot, dry day, so I had to fight the paint a little (I was constantly reminded of why I love oils) to keep it from drying up too fast, but I think I was still victorious. All in all I think casein is slowly winning my heart over.

Kruger's Farm. Casein on paper. 8" x 5"

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