Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ugly Mug Mondays! #8

"Schedule time to utterly fail."
-Craig Mullins

"You have to do 1,000 bad drawings before you can do any good ones."
-I can't remember who said this.

This is quite obviously one of the bad ones. It is however a good example of the "Rule of Two". (Hey, if it's good enough for the Sith, it's good enough for us.)

The "Rule of Two", simply put, states that if something is important to your process, you should always have at least two of it. Spares are invaluable. You wouldn't want to be pulling an all nighter and have an important part of your process die on you, now would you? This ranges for everything from technology (projectors, airbrush pump, Wacom tablets, etc) to things that seem so incidental like tubes of paint. There are a few colors I just have to have on the palette when I'm working and if I were to run out of one at 3 am, well, there isn't anything I could do about it. It's to that end that I always have two tubes of my "go to" colors.

Now, that being said, I didn't heed the "Rule of Two" when it came to this week's Ugly Mug Monday! I started this drawing with my trusty Pentel brush pen and quickly realized that it was starting to run dry. As a result I tried to rush through it before the pen died and, well, I failed. Oh well, this is why experiments must be ran.

Ink and brush on bristol.

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