Thursday, September 25, 2008

Day 2: Seeing what isn't there

Brian and I got a bit of a late start on the day, but we did swing by the post office to talk to some lovely ladies through a glass partition and pick up some much needed postage. Then it was a hop onto the A-train, where we promptly got lost in a system of underground tubes, tunnels, and passageways. We managed to emerge into the daylight at Barclay and Church and didn't see something amazing; the World Trade Center. It didn't feel right, being in a city famous for buildings so tall they block out the sky and stumbling across an immense open space where light floods down from above. I mean, I can't fathom the impact it had on people who saw the building every day and now don't see it (I can hardly stand the loss when a house gets torn down in my neighborhood) not to mention the great loss of life. I just can't wrap my mind around it other than to point out the void. It didn't feel right. We ducked into a little pizza shop to grab a bite to eat (we were feeling a bit peckish, you see) and sat staring out at ground zero. Honestly it was almost too much for me.

Speaking of pizza, I tried white pizza. A customer at Pizza My Heart was telling me about it not too long ago and well, since I found it I figured I'd might as well try it. I guess it's mostly an east coast thing, but it was good.

"Most commonly, especially on the east coast of the United States, the toppings consist only of mozzerella and ricotta cheese drizzled with olive oil and spices like fresh basil and garlic."

From there we wandered down along the Hudson River into Battery Park City, where we sat and drew the Statue of Liberty from a great distance. From there we skipped (ok, not literally) into the National Museum of the American Indian and were struck by the solitary beauty of their dresses and masks. We took plenty of pictures and then ventured back into the city. We walked up Broadway for quite a while, and when we had our fill with the walking we hopped onto the subway again. And got turned around again. When we emerged triumphant for the second time in a day, we picked up some more groceries (healthy stuff, Stephany, I promise) and then came back to the apartment inspired, and ready to get to work.

Thought for the day: what's the proper etiquette for photographing sleeping people on a crowded subway train?

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Pinky said...

As long as they never know they were photographed, and no one else seems to be drawn by the picture snapping, I think all is well.