Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Homo Geomyidae

A friend of mine recently graduated from the local "digital arts" college with aspirations of being a modeler (for video games and movies and the like). Among the tools that he was constantly blabbing about was a program called ZBrush. What made it stick out in my mind was him telling me one day, in a very matter-of-fact way, that I'd probably love said program. Well, for whatever reason I dismissed it entirely; probably not wanting to dedicate any more time learning the in's and out's of a newfangled computer program. He did mention that it was a lot like sculpting with clay, so I probably dismissed it because I'd rather sit down with an actual clump of clay to make something happen.

With that being said however, something came over me the other night and I actually looked into
what this program could do. Admittedly I was blown away. So I got my hands on a trial version of the program and started playing around. After about half an hour of hacking away at the preloaded sphere, this is what I came up with - Gopher Boy. I'm pretty sure I'll be experimenting a lot with this program in the coming days, weeks, and months; I'm equally sure that I'll be sharing some of the more precious gems here, with you. Until then, happy painting. Or drawing. Or sculpting with digital clay.

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Andrew Finnie said...

hey it's andrew finnie from zero 2 here. Nice work on all this, love how you have arranged the experiments with the linen. I use pre primed so I am slack, paint in acrylics, but once you get some good medium down with acrylics the paint just slides a lot better.

Have a look at Sculptris. It's not Z brush but it's free. The thread is here for examples. And there is a link to the download.

I use carrara but it's no sculpting tool :)