Friday, February 19, 2010

The last two projects I tackled with Painter were kind of cutesy - and there's nothing wrong with that - but I thought I'd try something a little more realistic this time around. I was still playing with the mixing palette function, but this time I restricted myself to the two colors (Painter's approximation of yellow ochre and alizarin's crimson) plus black and white. I have mixed feelings about it overall.

I know that only a poor craftsman blames his tools, but up until recently I was running two monitors on my computer. It was nice. I could have Photoshop or Painter open on the right and have whatever reference I was using on the left. True, I could have both open on the same monitor, but then the two things I want to look at are fighting for priority on the already limited real estate. I've been spoiled by dual monitors for about 8 years now. I just can't make the transition back in a manner of weeks. Sigh.

So, my problem with this was constantly having to switch back and forth. It's so inconvenient. It would be like having to turn around to look at a model then back again to look at your drawing. I feel it's a bit more on the choppy side because of the disconnect in my chain of information. Outside of that I think the colors are kind of drab, but at least they all work well together - though I would hope so since they're all related thanks to the limiting of the palette. I think it could stand to be a little more towards the high-key range of things, but I'll live. I love the hands though. I was worried they'd lose some of their charm when I tried to "paint" them, but I think I pulled it off well. And I think they're my favorite part of the image. Also I'm realy liking the pastel tools I've been playing with. I've always wanted to play with pastels (since it's more akin to drawing with a painting flair) but I've never been able to bring myself to actually sit down with some and try.

Anywho. It is what it is and for what it is I'd say it's done. Next time I think something with a little bit more color is in order.

Painter XI. 2 hours.

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