Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pip Pip?

It's a new year.

Well... it has been for about three weeks now. Obviously I'm a little behind the times. But this dashing chap is always in style. Stylishly late, if you will. (And I hope you will!)

At any rate, I hope everyone's new year is treating them well so far. Cheers!

Should he have a monocle? I kind of feel like he should have a monocle.

Photoshop CS3. 30 minutes.


arthur norcome said...

A monicle would give you the option to break up the bottom right negative space with a chain.

Fychan said...

That's exactly right, a chain would break up the negative space. It was more rhetorical than anything. I doubt I'll be going back to make changes as this was a warm up. So... how's your art coming along these days?