Friday, October 17, 2008


Well, I'm home. The last three weeks were intense, if nothing else. Being that far away from everything you know throws into sharp focus what really matters.


Enough of that babble. What have I been up to since being back? Not a lot, actually. Which is sad. Very sad indeed. Monday I promptly came home and napped for about five hours, then wasted away the rest of the day touching all of my things. Tuesday I woke up and spent the day cleaning. I was filled with a sudden and fervent zeal to make my studio more conducive to work. I was surprised in how little work I needed to do, but some gentle massaging was required after such a long absence; we had to get reacquainted, dont'cha know? Wednesday was where things took an interesting turn.

I woke up with a wicked head cold. I was in such a sad state at work that I made a careless mistake and ended up holding the short end of the stick. A good night's sleep and plenty of medication did little to improve my state of well-being. When I woke up Thursday the cold migrated down into my chest, so I took advantage of it. With the perfect excuse to stay in and not go out in hand, I holed up in the studio and kind of cranked out some studies. The aching in my back served as a perfect timer to prevent me from working on any one thing for too long.

And today? More cleaning and more creating. I dug out my brown paper sketchbook to do some drawings in as soon as I got back and I've been diligently scribbling in it. I've got some older paintings I want to rework and a few ideas for some new ones, so I've been all draw, draw, draw. So, for Rusty, I include a 'stration, for the 'Stration Station. Just a sketch of something to come.

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